In-School Activities

Junior Sport Stars’ staff work in a number of Primary Schools, Nurseries and specialist Schools on a daily basis. We can provide our team to organise sporting activities during breakfast clubs in order to get the children on time and ready for the school day. We also have lunchtime organisers, who will tailor a lunchtime plan, specific to each school. We also provide qualified and experienced staff to deliver planned and assessed curriculum P.E, Dance and Gymnastics lessons, as well as CPD for Teachers, TA's and NQT's.


Lunchtime Activity Leaders

Junior Sport Stars will tailor a programme to suit your schools’ lunchtime needs. Through a consultation with a member of our coaching staff, a plan will be created to provide lunchtime activities/sports for both summer and winter terms.

Our programs include structured and organised sports areas, lunchtime team training for school sports teams, playground games/ activities including zoning the playground into sections and using the space to its best potential. Our staff will also select Play Leaders for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Competition training

A member of our team will work closely with your schools P.E Co-Ordinator in organising 'competition training' during lunchtimes. The Coach will work with a chosen year group/group of children in delivering coaching in a particular sport in preparation for any upcoming school competitions. In addition, the Coach will organise 'intra-school competitions' during lunchtimes, throughout the school year.


The lunchtime activity leaders will work with volunteers from the Year 5/6 class and will deliver training and continuous assessment as part of their ‘Play-leader Award’. The play-leader award is made up of three awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The play-leaders will be shown different games and activities, how to referee matches, taught about the importance of health & safety and how to do a risk assessment, and how to manage behavioural issues. They will then supervise the games and activities at lunchtimes and their progress will be monitored in their log book. They will also be required to research their own games and activities as part of their ‘Gold’ award. The award scheme will run for the whole of the year, with each play-leader doing one/two days a week, with the awards given out at the end of the school year.

Curriculum P.E. Lessons

Our highly experienced Sports, Gymnastics and Dance staff are able to deliver P.E, Dance and Gymnastics lessons at Foundation stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We will provide detailed lesson plans for each session, incorporating the national curriculum aims and attainment targets and assessment. Our 'educators' can deliver the lessons in a fun manner with emphasis on the key coaching points, rules and a fair play.

Sport/Outdoor Games

The P.E. lessons will be structured as follows:

Invasion Games (Autumn & Winter term) Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Tag-Rugby, Handball and more
Net-wall Games (Winter & Spring term) Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Badminton and more
Strike Field (Spring & Summer term) Cricket, Athletics, Rounders, Tri-Golf and more
Indoor P.E (Gymnastics & Dance -All year)

Each half term every child will be assessed on their overall performance in the sports they have been playing. The assessment is in three main categories; technique/skill, ability to work as a member of a team and general behaviour/ attitude to sport. The Assessments are handed to the school at the end of each half term, including the half term’s lesson plans. Each class will also be assessed on their fitness levels throughout the school year. These results are recorded and compared with national and class averages and provided to the teachers.


We can also provide fully qualified Gymnastics Coaches to deliver your school’s ‘Indoor P.E’ curriculum.

All of our Gymnastics Coaches will be Level 2 qualified and Coach at both of our Gymnastics Schools. Our Gym coaches are able to deliver Gymnastics as P.P.A cover, as part of the P.E curriculum or through professional learning, working closely with the teaching staff to give them the tools and confidence to eventually deliver the lessons themselves.


We have a large pool of Dance Instructor's who deliver Dance lesson during and after-school. All of our instructor's have the experience and knowledge of a wide variety of Dance genres and can teach them from Foundation Stage upwards. A number of schools are currently using ourselves to deliver Dance CPD, working closely with teaching staff in learning how to plan and deliver a Dance lesson depending on their topic, genre or class.


CPD/Professional Learning

Junior Sport Stars have been working closely with teaching staff from a number of schools in Greater Manchester in the delivery of Gymnastics, Dance and outdoor P.E. Every school is different and teacher's have varied subject knowledge when it comes to P.E. Through a consultation with a member of our team, we will draw up a plan to suit your school's and your teaching staff's individual needs.

Our more experienced staff deliver the sessions with the teacher's assisting. When the teacher's feel more confident we then assess them delivering their own sessions under our guidance and supervision. They are also given guidance on how a session should be structured and how a half term, term and full year of P.E should be structured


CPD for Gymnastics is available for either a half term/full term or for a full year. Obviously, the more sessions that are covered the more experience the teacher's will gain. All of our CPD is covered by our Head Coach of Gymnastics.

During the sessions the Coach will outline how a session is structured, how to support the children during various moves and most importantly how to do it safely. We have found that a lot of teacher's feel uncomfortable coaching Gymnastics to a certain standard because they don't have much subject knowledge or if they do, struggle to deliver the session correctly because they haven't witnessed it first hand.

Through a consultation with a member of our team we will work out what's best for you and your school. Some school's outline areas of Gymnastics that each individual teacher would like to learn more of and the Coach will plan their sessions around their chosen subject/subjects. Other schools have already purchased coaching tools (Valsabin, Knowlsey Aprroach, Real Gym etc) that they would like us to show them how to deliver the sessions to a higher standard. All the while, each session will incorporate class management, alternative teaching and maximum participation.

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